Angry Wolf Attack Life of Wolf

Angry Wolf Attack-Life of Wolf !!
Angry Wolf Attack is a game of wolf life with aggression towards their enemies.Angry Wolf Attack is a simulator game of WolfRun and WolfAttack.
Angry Wolf Attack is all about fight for life against brutal animal.Angry Wolf Attack correlated with Life of Wolf by running simulator.
Angry Wolf Attack is uniquely designer and has eye catching Play Screen.
Wolf has some special extra power to show the anger and catch their enemies in few seconds.Angry Wolf Attack described a story of young age wolf to show aggression,anger, and hunt cruel animals in full moon light.As we all read in book i.e. A Bravo wolf can't be defeated by fellow wolves.
Angry Wolf Attack has a race in jungle in search of preys.

Features :
# Upgradable energy,jump strength for hunting skills.
# Awesome Real moon light and snow effects.
# Pure and Realistic night cycle to attack in jungle.
# Special power to wolf rewarded by light covered.
# Best Wolf Simulator game ever.

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